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"Marcus et Stephanus in colloquium veniunt."

Translation:Marcus and Stephanus have a conversation.

October 1, 2019



". . . in colloquium veniunt."

I assume that's an idiom?


It occurs only a few times among the ancient authors, and as far as I can see always in the context of army leaders having formal parleys or negotiations over war and peace.

I would not advise using this to mean something like "have a chat", as it seems to be being used here. Probably better to think of it as "to parley", "to enter into discussion", "to engage in negotiations".


Agree with the bad Duo translation here, and the meaning you give, but not always for war: Gaffiot gives different contexts. Not always war, but something like parleys/negotiations (with the meaning of a "speaking" meeting)/a talk between several persons, for anything (not related to war).


Perhaps Marcus and Stephanus are playing chess and are discussing the outcome...


sort of like come together (to talk)?


So, "I have a conversation" would be...

"Ego in colloquium venio?"


According to duolingo, yes.

But you may actually be better off saying any of: "colloquor", "colloquium/sermonem sero", "sermonem confero" "sermocinor", "confabulor", "sermonem caedo".


According to Duolingo, but not according to my dictionaries. (Gaffiot + Lewis & Short + Olivetti)

It's not to have a conversation, it's to go and meet someone to have a conversation, like an interview, a meeting, a parley...


I kept getting "you typed in English not Latin" even though I was typing in Latin. The mobile version isn't letting me put error details when flagging so I'm commenting here.


Please, fill a bug report. Commenting here is not useful for the app. Nobody who is a Duo app developer read this forum.


Is the bug report a different process than flagging?

Because she stated that it was not allowing her to flag properly, and other features are not available to us on the phone app... such as a separate bug report.


So, as far as i can read from the commentators in this thread, "Marcus and Stephanus engage in a conversation" might be a more correct translation?

Even if Duo doesn't accept, said translation.


I kept trying to type the Latin but kept getting a meassage saying the I had typed my response in English.


Marcus and Stephanus are in a conversation. Marked wrong?


The female speaker oddly pronounces "stef-anus" instead of "step-hanus"


Why not "are in conversation"


Yall don't understand how many times it told me i was typing in English, because I put venium after mishearing veniunt. I thought it thought marcus was just English and I was getting sooo heated

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