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  5. "ما ٱلْأَخْبار يا سارة؟"

"ما ٱلْأَخْبار يا سارة؟"

Translation:What is new, Sarah?

October 1, 2019



What are the news? Isn't that a better translation?


News is a weird word in English. It goes with "is" not "are".

Normally we say, "What is new?" We wouldn't ask somebody "what is the news" to enquire about them generally. It sounds a little odd. The exception would be if we were waiting for a specific answer from them and they know we are waiting for it. For example if we know their wife is having a baby in the hospital or we heard they might be getting a big promotion. Then we could say "What is the news?" but that wouldn't be standard. I would more likely say, "Well, what happened" or something like that.


Its ver very very big diffetent between new and NEWS


How do you say what is the news then


I think a good translation is: what's up? Sarah.

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