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  5. "You tell me a story."

"You tell me a story."

Translation:Mihi fabulam narras.

October 1, 2019



Am I right to think there are three possible answers? Mihi fabulam narras; Fabulam me narras; [Tu] Fabulam ad me narras. Strangely only the first is acceptable :/


"me" is not right.

"ad me" is not right, it means "to me" with a move. Going to me...

Your confusion comes from the English language, where you can say "tell me/her a story", it could look like a direct object first.
But you tell the story to someone.

So, it's the dative. You cannot use "me".


No, you need the dative to say who the story is being told to.


I thought that word order doesn't matter. With the additional cases, the meaning should be unambiguous.

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