Resources for learning Arabic

Hi all :) Im learning Arabic from scratch with English as my only other language. I was wondering if anyone in the same boat could reccomend some resources to acompany duolingo? Textbooks, PDFs, that type of thing :) Thanks very much in advance!

October 1, 2019


Rosetta Stone for MSA

I have been getting Arabic apps for children to learn with. There are a bunch so you can just type in children's in the app store and pick what you like. It's good to have better audio. I typed in الاطفال and came out with some nice ones

also, search for all of TJ_Q8's posts here. He has given us so much

I’ll add links over the next feW

picture cards by category with audio animals, numbers, colors..

October 2, 2019

I have been watching the Arabic pod 101 videos.on youtube and found them great

October 3, 2019
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