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"Sometimes the opinions are undutiful."

Translation:Interdum sententiae sunt impiae.

October 2, 2019



Is it just me or is "undutiful" an odd way to phrase this in English? If it isn't just me, are there alternative ways to translate impiae in this instance?


same here, what is an undutiful opinion? :-o


It's the opinion expressed by someone who is undutyful, as a wise idea or a wise opinion, would be expressed by someone who is wise, a respectful opinion, by someone who is respectful, or express respectfully, or respectful concepts, an impious idea, etc...

For ideas/opinions/conversations, etc..., the adjective describing morally someone can apply, even if they don't apply usually for inert things.


My reading of what has been said elsewhere is that we might render *impius" as "inappropriate, sacrilegious, unfitting or unbecoming". Impiety is simply "not the done thing" or "not cricket" in British English terms. It is dishonourable and worthy of contempt.


Do you have a dictionary page for this meaning in British English. I'm still learning English, I understand that impiety could be used figuratively, in an informal way, but, for me, "impiety" is still linked to a religious topic.




I found 'unduteous' in my dictionary, but it was not accepted.


My guess, this sentence was prepared for Duo by an Etruscan. Or a drunk parrot..

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