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Plugging a plush plan.

After using the search function for more information on such a topic, I found only one topic which was related from a few months back, so I thought I'd start an new discussion about a pressing matter (or not)-- Plush owls. Switching to Linux has only served to fuel my stuffed animal drive, and I fully intend on using a free pattern I found to make a new friend. However, it seems no such pattern exists for our artificial avian amigo (Please forgive the use of the word, I'm here for french). Are there any plans to sell a plush owl (which I would snatch up in a heartbeat), or would it be possible for someone more skilled than me (myself) to make a pattern for one? Thanks for any info in advance! (Another unnecessary parenthetical.)

April 22, 2013



Hey! Thanks for the idea :) We have some new t-shirts & will be making more designs soon! See our current designs here: http://bit.ly/duolingotees We're making other types of Duolingo swag too. We'll let you know how to get your hands on it when we're done.


Nice t-shirts! One addition: put a small flag somewhere on the shirt so that each can choose the language they study. Possible ideas, a small flag at the eye or the forehead of the owl, or at the and of the sleeve, or the shoulder!


I like the idea of a flag on the shoulder...


It's almost as if you have like a worldwide network of language speakers just waiting to meet one another! I totally would buy a Duo t-shirt.


I second the idea! T-shirts would be good too! I don't know how to make patters, but I can sew! Maybe i different Owl for each language. Just think about the possibilities ...., you're walking down the aisle of a grocery store and you spot a fellow Duo'er WITH a Spanish, French, German owl shirt on and maybe, just maybe, you have yourself a language partner who may live right down the block:)


Whoa! I third, fourth, fifth, and sixth it. That would be simply amazing!


I'd totally buy a plush Duo the Owl!

Would make for a great conversation piece (and free advertising for Duolingo, too!)

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