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[Question] Difference between वास्ते and लिए

I've seen both तेरे लिए and तेरे वास्ते in context and both apparently mean "for you". Are they interchangeable? If not, what's the difference?

October 2, 2019



The origin of the words is rather different. Hindi and Urdu split ways due to historical and political reasons whereas they are just the same language with different scripts and relying on a specific set of words from a language - in case of of Urdu it is Farsi and in case of Hindi it is Sanskrit & Khari Boli (from which modern Hindi was born).

So you will find a lot of words with similar meanings. You will have to find its origins.

  1. For now just understand that 'Waaste' is not appreciated in formal settings. People's first language is not Hindi or come from backgrounds with no literary connections tend to use that word hence it is not appreciated among the people who have proficiency or may have a bias of some sorts.

  2. "Waaste' and 'liye' both can be freely used in art i.e. songs, poems, etc.


I think तेरे वास्ते is more formal than तेरे लिए.


I was under the impression that वास्ते was more informal.




तेरे लिए = 'for you' and तेरे वास्ते = 'for your sake'. You can also use तेरे खातिर which also means 'for your sake'.

I think वास्ते is a word that came to Hindi/Urdu via Punjabi which is why it is seen to be informal. Vocabulary travels across languages through colloquial speech much faster than in formal speech.

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