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Which declensions are "Universitas" and "Civitas" in?

October 2, 2019



With most adjectives you can cut off the ending and replace it with -tas, -tatis, f. to get a third declension abstract noun related to the adjective and usually translated with a word ending in "ty" in English.

Example: Humanus, -a, -um, which means human (the adjective). Cut off the ending to get the stem human-. Add the suffix -tas to get humanitas, humanitatis, f., which means "humanness", or, "humanity".

Hope this helps.


As Moopish says, they are 3rd declension. They are feminine--if there are exceptions they are very few.


These are 3rd declension nouns, in the nominative case (acting as subjects). For the 3rd declension, you need to memorize the singular nominatives, since they don't always fit a pattern.

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