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My mother who is learning English using hindi is facing troubles, questions with wrong answer are there

Exercise where, one is asked to match, English and Hindi words.

In "तुलना" exercise

Mother and " माँ " are not matching. where and "कहाँ" are not matching.

She is not able to go ahead, that is blocking her from opening new chapters ahead. Not sure how to fix that for her.

If solution are not given, atleast we can unblock them by having 2 chapters open at a time, and one of them is complete they can go ahead.

If you need my help in it, please do let me know. How I can fix it.

October 2, 2019

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You can report the bug here preferably with screenshots.

Until you receive a solution though, try clearing the problematic lessons by using duolingo.com on your phone's browser (if you are currently using the app).

Hopefully, your mother can get back to learning soon.

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