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  5. "Corinna, ubi sunt pueri?"

"Corinna, ubi sunt pueri?"

Translation:Corinna, where are the boys?

October 2, 2019


[deactivated user]

    I know the course is in beta, and I'm not sure where else to direct this comment, but the audio on this (as of 10 Oct) is much better than in most of the other exercises.

    I particularly like how the speaker isn't trying to be slow, deliberate, and clear. Honestly; that isn't sarcasm. It sounds closer to an actual person making actual conversation than it does to a teacher frowning down their nose at you while correcting your pronunciation.


    i totally agree. And plus, there is no English accent.


    corinna took the kids


    Well, this got dark...


    Plot twist: Corinna is evil.


    Should the emphasis in pueri be on the second syllable, as in the audio for this sentence, or on the first?


    What is the use-case of "sunt" exactly?


    Use-case? It's a verb and the cases don't affect it. Sunt is the 3rd person plural of to be if that was your question.

    (Eventhough it's an irregular verb you can still recognise the -nt)

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