"George has amazing work."

Translation:جورْج عِنْدهُ عَمَل مُمْتاز.

October 2, 2019



In previous lesdons we lernt "3ind george ..." But now "george 3indaha..." What is the difference. Thanks

October 2, 2019


No difference in fact. It's just the order of the words that has changed, but with this change you have to make little adjustments.

3ind George (literally: at george). If you bring George to the beginning, you have to say "3indahu" - the (-hu) ending is a suffix pronoun referring back to George. Thus, George 3indahu can be literally translated as (George, at him).

If I want to re-phrase the above sentence starting with "3ind" then it would be like: عند جورج عمل ممتاز (3inda George 3amalun mumtáz).

October 3, 2019
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