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Tips for saving streaks/league with no internet?

In a couple of days, I expect to have extremely limited (and if so, only very expensive) internet access for about a week. I expect to lose both my 95-day streak and my (emerald) league standing, both of which have become (probably overly) important to me. Any tips on avoiding or mitigating these penalties, or is it a lost cause? I realize that there is probably not a real effect to demotion and streak-resetting, but these have been motivating for me psychologically.

October 2, 2019


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Restating the obvious: the leaning process on Duolingo is not a competition, and everyone wins. "On the other hand", as Reb Tevye might say, "It is, and only the winners do" :)

On a serious note:

To protect the streak, I'd probably reduce my daily norm to a minimum (I think it can be as low as 10 XP's, so you'd only have to do one task to meet the goal). So, you'd log for as long as it's necessary to gain 10 XP's, buy a streak freeze, and you won't have to log in the next day. I also speculate that if you hit the CAN'T SPEAK button, on a slow./unreliable and/or expensive connection it may save you some minute$$$ and grief.

Regarding the league position: if your Internet exile is less than a week, let's say 5 days, you can do as many exercises as possible w/o getting a repetitive motion injury in the remaining 2 days. But even if you dropped into Ruby, you wouldn't be able to blame yourself for not doing enough. Also, dropping into Ruby is not like flying to Mars with Elon Musk's program; if you have made it from there to Emerald once, you should be able to do it again.


I'd say staying in the same league is non realistic, unless you can spare 15-30 minutes daily in public WiFi (like a morning coffee in a fast food place). Either way- lower your daily XP to minimum of 10 - so doing 1 lesson will keep your streak (again, public WiFi). Another thing is to make sure you have a streak freeze, this will protect you from 1 day of inactivity - and you'll have to buy another one right after that day (paying in Lingots).


You could upgrade to a plus account, then you can download lessons for offline learning.


"Offline practicing" (as tips & notes are not available on app), & that person would still have to sync online the work done after (otherwise it doesn't count that day in term of streak and league).

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