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  5. "Filios nostros amatis."

"Filios nostros amatis."

Translation:You love our sons.

October 2, 2019



The possessive adjective (nostros) is needed here, as the subject (you all) is different from the possessor (we).

Contrast the sentence "We love our sons," where subject and possessor are the same, and thus there's no 'need' for the possessive adj. nostros (unless we want to emphasize, "We love our own sons.").


I need an adult.


Why is there a pl. here?


The verb is plural, because it ends in -tis: 2nd person plural, so the "you" of the subject is "you, plural."

The noun and adjective are plural (ending in -os, accus. plural of the 2nd declension), thus we know that the "sons" are plural.

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