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  5. "ngeD tlhIngan Hol."

"ngeD tlhIngan Hol."

Translation:Klingon is easy.

October 2, 2019



If I wanted to say in response, "for some maybe", would that be chaq 'ojvaD?


I don't like verbless responses like that. But I agree that chaq 'opvaD ngeD (I assume you meant 'op not 'oj) seems to be a good response. And I can't say that it's wrong without the verb. I'm certain there are other Klingonists that would say it's perfectly fine - I just don't like it.


Thank you! You're absolutely right that I meant 'op (how I got that wrong when I'd looked it up to be sure first, I have no idea), and your point about including a verb is well taken. As a brand new beginner I should strive for clarity above all else.

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