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  5. "Ego in colloquium venio."

"Ego in colloquium venio."

Translation:I have a conversation.

October 3, 2019



Would someone provide an word and sentence analysis so I can understand this? On their own, "in colloquium" and "venio" is understandable, but how does "I come to conversation" means "I have a conversation"? And conversely, why would "habeo" be wrong?


This idiom occurs only a few times among the ancient authors, and as far as I can see always in the context of army leaders having formal parleys or negotiations over war and peace.

I would not advise using this to mean something like "have a chat", as it seems to be being used here. It is probably better to think of it as "to parley", "to enter into discussion", "to engage in negotiations".

"Colloquium habere" is found, as far as I can tell, only once among the ancient authors, but once is enough, I suppose.

Other ways to say "to converse": "colloqui", "colloquium/sermonem serere", "sermonem conferre" "sermocinari", "confabulari", "sermonem caedere".


Exactly it's to be "in talks"/ conference/"parley" (pourparlers in French)

It's close of the French colloque. It's not always "negotiations" like war negotiations, according to Gaffiot it has a broader meaning. But it's not "have a conversation".


the voice is too weak


At least the accents are in the right place


Would "In colloquium venio" be correct as well? Can the subject be omitted as in Spanish or is that mandatory?


'I am in a conversation' was marked wrong. I wonder.


Please, read the other comments.


comments were read. gratias vobis ago. and i get it that duo cannot be programmed for every possible response. but Q: if you had a student who translated this as "i come into (a, the) conversation" would you mark it wrong or right if you had only those 2 options?


A conversation with myself.


I love the attitude that one does not OWN a conversation, but ARRIVES at one.


What about I'm going into conversation?


Following the conversation for more feedback


I come into the conversation was marked wrong. Why?


Venio has a wrong pronunciation. The right one is with 'v'


I think in Cl v is pronounced as w


Marked 'I join the conversation' as incorrect - not happy

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