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"Marcus does not build a city."

Translation:Marcus urbem non condit.

October 3, 2019



urbs is the nominative singular while urbem is the accusative singular.

We need to use the accusative urbem since it the 'thing' being directly affected by the verb (not being built), the direct object.

You would use the nominative urbs if the city was the thing 'performing' the verb, the subject of the sentence.


I tried "Urbem Marcus non condit" and it was marked wrong. Is it really though?


Not wrong, please report.


Seems someone does not like Anthony's management.


is there any difference between construit and condit? I answered "Marcus urbem non construit" and Duo accepted it, but now I don't know why:-o


"Marcus urbem non aedificas"

...is it ok???


I feel like the verb should be aedificat for third person singular. Aedificas would be second person singular.


Does Duo offer declension drills or something? I feel like this is an important concept I am not picking up organically. I have looked things up but it is not sticking.


Sadly Duo does not. There is this site: https://www.thelatinlibrary.com/decl.html. There are also a few others out there but I haven't really been looking recently.

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