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Light bulbs in Latin course

I really love the vocabulary under the picture of the light bulb in this course. I like to study the words first and then practice them in the sentences. I haven't seen this in other courses yet and I think it's really great! I've arrived at 'food' and 'time' now and sadly there are no light bulbs there. Are they just not finished yet or is this a mistake?

October 3, 2019



We'll be adding them to all the skills, eventually :)


They are very useful for me as well. I always go through them and copy them to the notepad before I start learning the skill.


Hi M_30!

I like to savor the slow process of learning new vocabulary. But sometimes I like to learn it all at once and fast. For that, I'll hand copy the word list into my notebook glossary. Cursive works best. And I say it over and over while I write it. I almost never have to look up anything I've put in my glossary that way. Rock it, vir!


That's awesome! Thank you and keep up the good work!


They seem to be missing for the rest of the course. I hope they will fix this later but keep in mind that the course is still in Beta.

If there are light bulbs or not depends on the language you are learning from. While there are almost none of them if you are learning "from German" they will show up in most of the courses I do from English (eg Spanish from English)


That is strange, you should be able to see the lightbulbs in many other courses as well. For many courses, they are only available on the web though, not in the mobile apps.


While many courses have those light bulbs, the tips and notes usually only contain grammar explanations. These lists of vocabulary that Latin has seem to be unique.

The Latin course is still in Beta, so it's possible that the contributors are still working on the tips and notes and will expand them soon. Or at least, I do hope so.


Yes, only Latin has those vocabulary listst unfortunately. It would be really great if the other languages had them too. That way we can quickly repeat the words and focus on lesser known words without going through all the exercises again.


I can only speak for one language but the space is simply way too small to include vocabulary. We have problems to fit the necessary grammar there.

The Latin contributors perhaps chose to go slower (e.g., no tenses in the course yet) so perhaps they have more space available.

[deactivated user]

    Any reason for this? I hardly ever use the web version. I have the app, after all.


    Unfortunately, I didn't discover the light bulbs until today, and I'm 10 days into the course! This is because they don't appear on the mobile app, which I've been using because of its convenience. I can't see a reason why the light bulb button can't be included there, and hope that it will be, eventually. It would have helped a lot to have read these pages before each exercise!


    They appear in the Android app for me.


    I can confirm they do not appear there for me. Not Latin and not the other languages. The app is up to date but perhaps tjere is some AB test running for you?

    Anyway, I do not think the app is that useful. Given that I almost exclusively use test-outs and the app wants to pay Lingots to do that... I don't even get how people get around wihout test-outs, it is way too much boring blind repeating of the same stuff before advancing a level.


    I have had the light bulbs for months if not longer. That would be quite the AB test ;)

    Who knows


    You can try using the browser on your mobile device (or of course a computer) instead of the app. In the browser, you will see all the tips, and test-outs are free.

    Go to duolingo.com . (If that automatically takes you to the app, there will be a setting in your mobile device you can use to stop that behavior and stay in the browser.)


    it would be nice!


    Dare we think way way ahead? How about an Ancient Greek course, a logical companion to the Latin.


    Latin is a Beta course, so it is not finished. Don't worry! They will finish it eventually. In the meantime, try to find some other websites or books for Latin, your learning should never just be limited to Duolingo

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