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"There is a restaurant on this street."

Translation:في هٰذا ٱلْشّارِع مَطْعَم.

October 3, 2019



I dont get it. Sometimes you can switch (restaurant) and (on this street) and here you dont?! I wrote مطعم في هذا الشارع.


Your sentence is correct but it needs هناك (hunák: there is) in the beginning. This said, I don't know if Duolingo would accept it.


I learnt that in some sentences the hunak was missing and the order of the words was switched anyway. but did not get the regulations yet..


As a rough guide, if you want to bring the attention to "something" then use Hunák followed by that noun or thing. In the case here, we can say (hunák maT3am ...etc) meaning there is a restaurant.....
However, Hunák is rarely, if not never, used before a preposition (unless you put a pause, a coma or something to separate it from the following phrase). Thus you might say هناك مطعم في هذا الشارع or في هذا الشارع مطعم or even في هذا الشارع هناك مطعم - but هناك في هذا الشارع مطعم would sound a bit weird unless you separate it like: هناك، في هذا الشارع، مطعم


So, literally, " on this street restaurant"



Another way to say this also: هناك مطعم في هذا الشارع (hunáka maT3amun fí háDhá aš-šári3); Literally: There/a restaurant/in/this/the street.

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