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  5. "A dutiful man sacrifices."

"A dutiful man sacrifices."

Translation:Vir pius sacrificat.

October 3, 2019



What is the difference between pium and pius? Duolingo seems to do a realky bad job of giving me the different examples in ways i recognize the difference. Pii was used earlier for dutiful husband but without being abke to see all the questions at once i dont understand


You use pium when the case is accusative, where the modified noun is an object, e.g. mater filium pium habet, meaning a mother (subject) has a dutiful son (object) --- who does the mother have? A dutiful son.

And you'd use pius for nominative case, where the modified noun is a subject, e.g. filius (subject) pius est, or ubi est filius (subject) pius? --- who is dutiful? The son is.

Anyone please correct me if I'm wrong.


Please, read the basics about cases in Latin, before going further in the course:

(Just focus only on nominative and accusative for now):


Keeps telling me I had a wrong answer when it was right


Still says I am wrong when I use correct responses

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