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There are too many errors in the starting lessons

In some cases, the audio is chopped off. In other cases, the audio is simply wrong.

Example, (keeping in mind that I just started learning Arabic), in one case "wee" is the sound, and the correct answer is "waa". In the lessons, these two are clearly different.

I'll go ahead, but it's good that I am not being graded. In some cases, I simply must "learn" the incorrect response in order to go ahead, because for one of the steps...matching sounds and words...the errors prevent going to the next question.

I see that there are 800k+ students...perhaps the lessons get better as they move ahead.

October 3, 2019

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This is my major complaint about the Arabic course as well - lots of text-to-speech errors that are likely to confuse new learners. I report them every time I find them, and keep reporting them as I redo lessons. That's about all we can do for now until the errors get checked and fixed.

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