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  5. "Yes, I am watching the game."

"Yes, I am watching the game."

Translation:ʻAe, ke nānā nei nō au i ka pāʻani.

October 3, 2019



Do I have to use ʻnōʻ in this sentence? Can "...nei au..." be accepted?


Yes, nei au is now accepted


I donʻt understand why "ʻae ke nānā nei au ma ka pāʻani" was marked wrong.


Aloha e @Lois985131, ʻae, this is a good question. The answer lies in the function of "ka pāʻani." In this sentence, it is the direct object of "to watch." Similar to how in "I am eating the banana," "the banana" is the direct object in relation to what you are eating. What you are watching is "the game," and so you would use the "i" here. It is not explaining where you are watching. That would have been expressed with your version of the sentence.

"ʻae, ke nānā ne au ma ka pāʻani." Would read as "yes, I am watching at the game."

Hope this helps a bit!


When being used to mark the location of something, "i" and "ma" are interchangeable. However, when being used to mark the object of the sentence, only "i" can do that - you can't use "ma" for that.


I suppose the "nō" is requisite because it's "Yes, I AM"?


Why is "ho'okūkū" wrong in place of "pā'ani"?


Ho´okuku is the championchip and pa´ani is the game so I understand and have no kahako on my laptop. LOL,or I doesn´t find this combination.


Shouldn't "no" just be an option?


Why is "Ke nana nei au i ka pa'ani" (without no) unacceptable?


"No" doesn't seem to be optional after all. :(


This is the second time in this lesson I have typed exactly what they have for the right answer and it was marked wrong. What's wrong with the program?


This is a user forum and you're not likely to get an answer here. Did you use the report flag to mark your entry as "my answer should have been accepted"? Do you have a screen shot you can post a link to here so we can see if maybe we can help you find an error in your entry? Or maybe you can send a screen shot to https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204728264-How-do-I-report-a-bug- where the staff will be able to review the submission.

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