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  5. "a tall neighbor from Paris"

"a tall neighbor from Paris"

Translation:جار طَويل مِن باريس

October 3, 2019


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Are the words for table and tall (feminine) all the same in Arab ?

October 3, 2019


Table is commonly طاولة (Táwilah) - Even though it is actually not purely Arabic - and it is a feminine noun.

Tall, طويل, is an adjective. The ending of the adjective would change according to the noun that it describes. Thus, طويل is for a masculine noun, while طويلة is for a feminine noun.

  • rajulun Tawíl رجلٌ طويل (tall man).
  • fatátun Tawílah فتاةٌ طويلة (tall girl).
October 3, 2019
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