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"She forgot to put her cat into the house."

Translation:Dia lupa memasukkan kucingnya ke dalam rumah.

October 3, 2019



Strange I asked my neighbor who is a local. The sentence: saya melupakan memasukan kucingnya di rumah has the same meaning


Shouldn't /Dia terlupa (untuk) memasukkan kucing dia ke dalam rumah./ also be another acceptable way of saying this English sentence? /Untuk/ is in parentheses because I know it's optional.


"Terlupa" is a passive form. Your sentence says "she was forgotten..." And if you change "terlupa" into "terlupakan", it's even worse because "terlupakan" means "she was abandoned..." :b

Re: "untuk", yes you can add it. For example, "Jangan lupa untuk membawa tas" means "Don't forget to bring a bag".


Why is “melupakan” not acceptable ? As we are having a “me-kan” lesson here I expected “melupakan” to be the choice instead of “lupa”.


"Melupakan" implies a deliberate action, such as "Saya ingin melupakan masa lalu saya" (I want to forget my past).


Good to know , many thanks !


Hahaha, your sample sentence rings a bell. My lingot to you :)


I mistakenly chose "memasakkan" instead of "memasukkan" from the word bank, but my answer was accepted! -- Literally means "she forgot to cook (something) for her cat into the house". Weird...

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