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  5. "He has a big brown car."

"He has a big brown car."

Translation:عِنْدهُ سَيّارة بُنِّيّة كَبيرة.

October 3, 2019



Is there any rule about adjective order in Arabic? E.g. adjectives of color should precede adjectives of size?


My impression (and it's worked so far) is that, since Arabic puts adjectives AFTER the noun, unlike English, then you say the adjective that gives the new information at the very end. What I mean, in this case, is that the given is that he has a brown car, and the new information is that it's big. Do you agree? He has a brown-car, and it's big. So in Arabic, "brown sticks with the noun, and "big" goes second.


I had asked this exact question earlier in the course. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/32923991?comment_id=33069922 I haven't found a good answer yet. There's also some discussion here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/32854689


Unless there is "and" (و), You just need to reverse the order: big(1)-brown(2)-car(3)

سيّارة(1) - بنّيّة (2) - كبيرة (3)


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