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  5. "Flumen rapide fluit."

"Flumen rapide fluit."

Translation:The river flows rapidly.

October 3, 2019



Turbulent rivers have spectacular rapacity to scour, erode away, and carry off even huge boulders and mountains of silt and debris downstream.

Rapidē etymology is soaked in avaricious contextual manner in which an agent is motivated to plunder and make off with the spoils of conquest before the victim object has time to react. Rapidē etymology depicts an adversarially motivated rate race, outpacing, not just an indicator of benign pace or abstract speed.

Rapidē ( rapidly, hurriedly ) • Rapiō ( snatch, grab, abduct, carry off, rape ) • Raptō ( seize, carry off, drag, ravage, plunder ) • Rapīna ( robbery, plundering, pillage, rapine, plunder, boot y ) • Raptor Raptrīx ( thief, robber, plunderer ) • Raptūrus ( about to snatch, grab, abduct, carry off ) • Rapāx ( grasping, plunder greedy, rapacious )



"swiftly" instead of "rapidly" can't be wrong, nor can "quickly."

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