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"a pretty house"

Translation:بَيْت جَميل

October 3, 2019



why is there now this ° above ي in بَيْت ?


chciplycar :

It's called as "as-sukuun". The function is to make "zero-vowel" for a letter.

From Wikipedia, "Sukun. ـْـ The sukūn ⟨سُكُون⟩ is a circle-shaped diacritic placed above a letter. It indicates that the consonant to which it is attached is not followed by a vowel, i.e., zero-vowel."

So, "ya" become "y" (or it is spelled as "i"). In this case, combining "ya sukuun" with ba fatHa will create a diftong: "bai" or "bay".


Bonita casa Asi solo sin ningun articulo ?

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