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  5. "The book is not a student."

"The book is not a student."

Translation:Liber non est discipulus.

October 3, 2019



'Est' (is) is not an action verb is that why the object of 'est' is not in the accusative state?


Technically est doesn't have a direct object, it has a predicate nominative (which is, as you might expect, nominative) because it's a linking verb.


Liber est non discipulus it is not accepted?


So... Librum is "a book," and liber is "the book?" Is that accurate?


No, both liber and librum can be translated as 'a book' or 'the book'. The difference is noun case, how the noun modifies the sentence.

liber is the nominative singular form. It is used as the subject of a sentence (such as it is here).

librum is the accusative singular, used by most verbs as the direct object, the thing being acted on.

liber discipulum habet -> 'a/the book has a/the student'

discipulus librum habet -> 'a/the student has a/the book'

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