"Un uomo viene al ristorante."

April 22, 2013


Is there a difference between 'al ristorante' and 'nel ristorante'?

April 22, 2013

sorry if im late on this and youve already figured it out but "al ristorante" is "to the resaurant" and "nel ristorante" is "in the restaurant"

June 18, 2013

" venire a" >> to come to. "essere a / in" >> to be at / in

April 22, 2013

I put "comes into" :T

July 7, 2013

me too. The answer was wrong though :( I figure "comes into the restaurant" would be "nel ristorante", right? ("Comes in the restaurant" is probably not the right choice of words in this context...)

August 3, 2013
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