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Is this a new feature?

i noticed that when i was doing some lessons on the super easy questions instead of having the keyboard/ word bank toggle there was a button that says "make harder" which makes your questions more advanced. has this been here the whole time and i'm just incredibly dense?

October 3, 2019



I've also had the Make Harder button appear in the last week or two. It basically lets you opt out of fill-in-the-blank questions for the rest of your session, and allows you to type out the entire translation instead.

I use it every time in hopes that they keep this feature!


That's a great way for a) users to self-select into more complexity and b) DL to gather some really great usage stats (which would allow them to better segment the user base, something with is really needed). Very cool.


I really agree with the segmentation of the user base. The recent downgrade to the number of lessons/level is not for everyone. Ultimately this is just code -- they could do the segmentation any time they wanted. In fact they could let you opt back in to the old number of lessons/level with an if statement (pick your coding language).


I would love that feature! Is it on the app, or just the website?


I'm only using the web version; I don't have the app.


The app needs a toggle wordbank/fill in the blank as well. Especially when I'm doing a language like japanese, it is nice to be able to get used to the symbols individualy, and its way easier ti get a hirigana keyboard for my phone than computer


? On Windows machines, switching your keyboard to Japanese is easy. (Settings/Time and language/language/Preferred language/Add a language. Then Alt-Shift to switch from English to Japanese keyboard, and Alt-` to switch from romaji to hiragana to katakana. Then type romaji to get the kana to show up.) Perhaps it's more difficult in macOS or Linux.


In Linux is not that hard though.


Thank you for that! Really useful.


they had it briefly and then it went away. so I deleted the app after that


Is the "Make Harder" function only in Plus?


no, I have it and im not on plus


I have Plus and am studying Japanese; I have not seen it.


That's an A/B I hope makes it to production.


I'm out of luck on A/B tests. The only A/B test that I ever had, was the one that stop giving us lingots for 10-day streaks hahaha

I hope seeing very soon this feature and the english stories for spanish speakers.


Duolingo runs multiple A/B tests all the time and we're all in one group or the other on every test. Most of them probably test features that aren't particularly noticeable or overtly interesting, so only a few get all the attention.


Oh, this sounds really good. So many people have recently been complaining that the number of lessons is decreasing and everything is being made easier, and barely anyone likes it... if Duo is testing an option to select your own difficulty, that means we have hope :D


Wanted to say that the "make harder" option just appeared for me (in Hungarian on the web), I instantly went for it and am very much hoping it will continue to exist for me and will gradually appear for everyone :)


I need this feature as fast as possible. How many lingots do you want? Do you want a spare organ? I have an organ. How about a dead body? PLEASE, LET ME HAVE THIS FEATURE! cries in easy Spanish


I don't have a dead body. but I can get one...


I think it is something new, i also never noticed it before today in the French lessons. Nice to have the option, right ? I did not try it yet but probably will later tonight. Which language did you see it in, French ? Wondering if it is something new for all languages or just select ones.


I have it for English > Ukrainian. I hadn't noticed it in Ukrainian > English, but I just saw someone mention level 3 and I'm currently working through the tree at level 2, so I just tried on a subject I'd got to level 3 and there it was.


I have it too :) I noticed it after your post :)

Make it easier/Make it harder (the latter wants me to translate the whole sentence instead of completing it with a word). It seems to appear only at the third level.


Have you tried the general practice button? Or the practice button for golden skills? Because imo that's were the make-harder-feater is most needed.


I am a frequent user of practice button and so far I haven't seen any new feature there.


I would love to have this feature! Here’s hoping that this option gets rolled out to everyone eventually.


What sort of platform are you using? Web or mobile?


Sounds good!

I just feel like I've been dropped into the hard version on the practice option on some languages where I don't feel ready for the hard version yet (especially in Russian). There's no option to turn on the word bank anywhere on the browser version. I'd love it on any other language, but I'm not really at that point in Russian yet.


Interesting. It must be a test and you're one of the lucky people who's trying it out! Duo does this all the time to test features and how that feature affects site traffic and engagement. Lots of the test features never make it to the rest of us.

The forums can serve as an early warning system for possible features that the rest of us will see some day. So thanks for posting about this.


well if it is a new feature thats amazing and i like it a lot, so i hope they give it to everyone else! :)

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I've only seen it on the new French (from English) tree. It has several new types of questions. Which is also the only place where I've seen the "fill-in-the-blank" question that it's used for.


I haven't seen it, but that sounds like something I would very much like to use. I've often wished I could opt in to something harder for both Spanish and German. It seems like it could also keep users coming back longer for languages they've already achieved a fairly high Duolingo level in.


Sometimes, they give me something easier (fill-in-the-blank) and make me click something to get it to the regular difficulty level. I was hoping to be able to opt into more complex sentences, harder vocabulary, and stricter grading. (No typos - especially in German; that course seems overly generous - enforce punctuation and capitalization, and enforce preferred word order in Latin.) I imagine that most of this is more than Duolingo wants to take the resources to program in, though.

[deactivated user]

    There is always that possibility (but your skills in multiple languages suggest that's highly unlikely) ;-)

    It's a new-ish feature, but has not been widely rolled out. There are multiple different features being reported currently in a number of A/B tests, some of which seem to be coming and going for various users.


    Janet: I recall in one of Duo's announcements about something that they were planning to test ways to add a choice of harder content, so maybe this is part of that.


    Ooh, I want this!


    For me, it just says "use keyboard" not "make harder"



    Then you do not have this new A/B test feature.

    "Use / toggle keyboard" only works on the web portal for tapping exercises.

    There is no (typing) button for:

    • multiple-choice challenges
    • "fill the word into the blank" type exercises

    We can't directly switch the "challenge type" of (all) exercises to typing (besides tapping), not yet.


    in what language is this appearing? I am doing English German and never seen it


    I have it in Ukrainian so would expect it'll be in German too. It sounds like it's just a test at the moment though so there might be a while to wait for it to (hopefully) appear for everyone.


    have it in spanish


    It's been here for a while; however, I get it every now and then.


    This is exciting! I always like when new features are added.

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    Never seen that before. Would be neat if they made it live for everyone.


    Hmmm I don't see it


    Don’t think so, I’ve never noticed that and still haven’t. Looking forward to seeing it!


    I really, really hope that this test goes well and that they are going to roll out this new feature to everybody. That would be such an improvement! I have long been so frustrated with the fact, that the practice for golden skills is so much easier than level five lessons. I didn't make sense to me. I even stopped completing the level five lessons. I did them right to the end and close them instead of clicking the finish button. That way I lost out on the xp, but the learning seemed more important than xp and golden skills. Then I even reset my Latin tree to get rid of the golden skills, and I started all over.

    Now, this make-harder choice is much better than changing the golden skill practice would have been. To make it a personal choice is always a good idea, because all learners have different needs.


    Thats a great way to challenge your brain.

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