The use of "match the pairs" exercises is flawed.

I just had a set of exercises with 5 "match the pairs" exercises and nothing else. I got 15 points for that (with the bonus points) and I could have just randomly clicked until each set of pairs was matched. That is not an accurate measure of learning or even "engagement".

I can almost see the value of one "match the pairs" exercise at the beginning of each set of exercises, but multiple exercises does not add any value.

Edit: I just finished 4 sets of exercises with 5, 8, 6, and 7 match the pairs exercises and nothing else. This gave me 60 points to satisfy my "insane" coach setting of 50 points per day. I really prefer the exercises where I can type a sentence. It improves my learning an incalculable amount more than "match the pairs". I have to remember what the words are (house, door, big, amazing, etc.) and I have to learn where the keys are on the keyboard. Those exercises were very frustrating when I had to look at the visual onscreen keyboard to figure out how to type each letter (especially with the way the letters change shape in Arabic), but once I learned most of the "home row" plus and a few more, I was able to do those exercises without the visual keyboard at all.

October 4, 2019, 2:52 AM


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