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  5. "Is this number eighty?"

"Is this number eighty?"

Translation:Це номер вісімдесят?

October 4, 2019



Was not taught the word число. What does it mean? My option for this was Це число вісімдесять. Then when i click into the message/chat tab, it doesn't even show that. It shows номер which is what i know to be correct.


Номер is the number of numbered items - houses on a street, items on a list etc ("який номер цього будинку?" - what's the number of this house?), as well as it means the issue of a newspaper (номер газети), the hotel room (номер в готелі) etc.

Число is a math term, a number used for counting (два - це число), as well as the grammatical number (однина це число - singular is a number), and it sometimes is a synonym for quantity (велике число = велика кількість = багато = a great number or a lot).

The is another related term - цифра (a cognate of cypher, it means a numeral.

The English word figure can be translated as both число and цифра.


The word "number" has 15 meanings. But in this case they say about a serial number of something - "Is this room eighty?", for example.


I think without context, "число" should be as the correct answer as "номер".

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