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Hebrew and Greek

Hello, Duolingo! Thank you for all the language-learning help! However, i think it would be really helpful for me if you updated the Hebrew and Greek lessons to the much better alphabet-learning system seen on the Arabic courses. Thank you

October 4, 2019



The Greek team is now creating a new Tree.


The Arabic course is a total TRAINWRECK! Please, greek team, don't take anything from there!

Seriously though, does the greek alphabet seem to you as alien as the arabic and the hebrew ones, so that you need the whole first part of the tree just for learning the letters with their sounds? Most of them are the same as latin ones and even sound the same!


Tree 2 was undertaken mainly because of the issues with the ABC skill. So, yes we know there is a huge problem. It is our major headache.

I believe Greek was either the first or one of the very first courses to use a different alphabet, and those in the original team who started the course tried to come up with a way to teach the Gr alphabet. This is not an excuse bur an explanation. It wasn't until the course was underway that they recognized its problems. As many changes as possible were made to facilitate the effort.

The alphabet with pronunciation and where to find the letters on the keyboard etc, were added to the start of the Tips & notes for the first 5 Skills as well as in the Forum.




And each of these contains numerous other links... a bit of overkill I guess.

We have looked at all other courses using different alphabets. They all have problems and we are trying not only to learn from them but to work our way around all them in Tree 2.

Tree 2 will have a completely new means to guide learners in learning to recognize the Greek letters...as well as how to pronounce them in practice...not as a drill.

And please let me repeat what I hope you know: your help over all these years has been invaluable and we look forward to any insights and advice you have.


agree very steep learning curve for both

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