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Arabic font size too small?

Currently, I have a hard time reading the Arabic words in the current font size. So I am curious if other people experience the same, especially more advanced or native speakers.

Is this because I am new to the Arabic alphabet? Or is it really small?

October 4, 2019



I don't know what system you are using but here is the story:
Each glyph of any font for any language is assigned a specific space inside a rectangle. Let's say this rectangle is X wide and Y high. When people make fonts, say for the Latin and Latin-based systems of writing, they have to leave some space above the letter so that in the future users can put accent, grave, circumflex marks and so on. Also, a tiny space is left below the letter or the glyph for the future to be used for other marks like cedilla or ogonek.
When it comes to Arabic, the makers should leave a space or margin in all four directions because we have the Harakat or diacritics which happen to occur above and below the letter. Moreover, some diacritics can occur on top of each other (like Shaddah with Dhamma for example ــُّــ). This contributes even more to the shrinkage of the Arabic glyph when making the font.

Now, if you are using any browser on PC, I think pressing CTRL and + would be enough to zoom the page. You can press as much as you like to zoom in (probably limited to 300% not sure). The percentage of the zooming usually appears on the address bar in the browser, this is how it is in my firefox. To get back to the regular size, I just click that number and it's all back to normal size.
If on Android, I'm really not sure. I heard some say there are fonts for Arabic that are large and such but I'm really blank when it comes to smart devices.


Thanks, that is enlightening. To be more specific, I have the problem with the translation exercises where you choose multiple words to form a sentence. The multiple-choice questions are fine, as a larger font size is used. I guess I'll just have to increase the font size when studying Arabic.


Yes, I've been using ctrl + on desktop browser, and it helps. Also, attempting to use gestures to zoom stretch the screen on android tablet, but I've given up trying on my phone.


It’s small. There are filters and extensions that help but DuoLingo overrides them on refresh


The developers know about this, I mentioned it to them at duocon. To me it seems likely that using a larger css font (about 4pt bigger, I reckon) would help to address this quickly and simply, especially in the sentences, which often contain words we haven't seen before. In general, I agree almost all the arabic font is too small to see the letter shape, let alone the marks. It might be big enough if you are very young with good eye-sight and have been reading arabic for years but for the rest of us, it is a struggle to see the words.

On the plus side, it has made me listen more carefully, but that isn't really good enough.

The introduction to the sounds and letters and marks is far better than on memrise, which I was using before duolingo hatched arabic.


Also, on my Android phone I am noticing that certain characters are not displayed properly. But anyway, thumbs up for the course, I really like it!!


It is really small. At first I had same problem. Νow I have more experience and I can guess the symbols if I can't see them. It is in any case uncomfortable and tiring to see the small letters. many users have reported and complained about this. Ι hope they fix it some time.


I agree that the font is too small to read comfortably. I especially have trouble trying to distinguish the marks above the letters and, when you review the Arabic answers to the questions, the font is even smaller. I do really like the course, though.

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