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"Elephants are protected animals."

Translation:Gajah adalah hewan yang dilindungi.

October 4, 2019



Is 'adalah' necessary here?


Can someone help please? I do not understand when you should use 'hewan', and when you should use 'binatang', for the word animal. Any assistance appreciated.


"Hewan" is used mainly for scientific/academic contexts whereas "binatang" is for daily conversations, according to native speakers.

The original sentence with "adalah" and "hewan", therefore, suggests that it might be quoted from an official report by an animal protection NGO. "Adalah" is inserted for formal sentences, particularly when you define the meaning of the subject. The connotation of the sentence is "elephants are categorized/registered as protected animals (by an authority)".


I've tried searching for hewan and binatang in the KBBI - and it shows that they're the same. Try to report the sentence when you encounter the problem again.


many thanks, good idea

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