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Ablative & Dative Cases in "School"


Do the lessons in the "school" section just randomly also introduce the Ablative case? It appears that "Ego in libro scribo" would be the ablative, not accusative.

Maybe add this brief note to the light bulb lesson? (As well as noting that studere takes the dative?)

Gratias vobis ago!

October 4, 2019



"Studeo" is the first verb like this, but later on, "consto" (cost) and "appropinquo" (approach) also both take non-accusatives, and I'm pretty sure there was another one somewhere else as well. Given that a big piece of the "School" section involves introducing accusatives, I think a short note in "School" mentioning the situation is appropriate. It doesn't need to be long -- something like "Some verbs' objects appear in a different case, which we'll discuss in more detail a little later. 'Studeo' is one of these. (very brief discussion of dative here)"


Ablative is introduced in the light bulb for Travel skill, which is four skills down.


Cool - but the ablative is used in the "School" section. Without checking the discussion, I/other users are not aware of why it is used.


Yes, a note on that or introducing the dative a little later really would be good. I can deal with the ablative being added, I usually just see that a bit like being a set phrase in many cases.

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