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Word Strength + Time Seen

I'm not sure if this is a bug or what. But tonight I was practicing German, specifically the word Spiegel using the "practice word" button over on this page:


Each time I did the practice, I would get two questions. But when I completed it, the "time seen" on the above link would go up by five, not two.

The other confusing thing, was that after several practices (where I got it correct each time) the gold strength bar went -down- to one bar. I got it back up to two bars and it sat there for a while even though I was getting the word correct (with only one error on one attempt) and then after one more attempt, it went up to four bars, but then I thought "one more practice to make sure I've got it" and after that attempt (which I got 100% correct) it was back down to two bars!

(It now shows up as 4 gold bars for the word on http://duolingo.com/#/vocab but only two gold bars on http://duolingo.com/#word/de/spiegel/Noun)

I thought maybe it might just be that word, but when I tried "möbel" which was on one gold bar on both pages, after one attempt it jumped to four gold bars, and the "times seen" jumped by 7 (from 3 to 10), even though there were only two questions. And then on my second attempt, it dropped to three gold bars (I got the questions right) and "times seen" went up 13 and on my third attempt "times seen" was 18.

Maybe I just don't understand how the strength bars work. It just makes no sense to me. Is there a simple explanation somewhere?

April 22, 2013


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