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  5. "Seth does not have a blouse."

"Seth does not have a blouse."

Translation:لَيْسَ عِنْد سيث بَلوزة.

October 4, 2019



A blouse if a female shirt. Seems a robot assembled sentences here that are confusing, or someone is trying to social engineer the world into accepting Seth's cross dressing. I have no issue with cross dressing, but wonder how well it goes over in the Arab world. Do men often wear blouses and skirts?

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  1. In dialects here, the word "blouse" is used generally for a type of clothing, whether it's for females or males.
  2. This "Seth" might be a shop owner selling clothes or something.
  3. The word "Blouse" and the name "Seth" are not Arabic anyway. The word "blouse" would be properly translated as سترة (sutrah) or كنزة (kinzah) maybe, or even simply قميص (qamíc) - but this last one is typically translated as "shirt". As for "Seth," the Arabic equivalent for this name is شيث (šayþ).


Seems then that little regard was made for both languages and their nuances. In English we do not have endings or articles to indicate gender. A man is unlikely to wear panties, and to translate underwear for men into panties would be confusing. Blouse is similar. Thank you for your reply.


Always message typo in my sentences but the correction word is not available to select


What's the correct form of the negative here? I used لا , which was marked down, and the translation above has لَيْسَ

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It would help to memorize it that way: If it is a negative about possessive, then ليس should be used.
This said, in literature, لا can be used but in a specific manner. But the common and the simple form, ليس is used to negate the possessive.


No t-shirt and no blouse either? Poor Seth.


Whats the difference between "le" and "leissaa"?

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I will try to make it as short as possible though it can get complicated in advanced level:

  • لا (lá) is used before the verb.
  • ليس (laysa) is used before a noun or preposition+noun sometimes.

Just to add, ليس (laysa) can have a feminine version as well, (laysat) ليست.

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