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Duolingo's restricting updates (immersion)

Hello there,

I've been using DL for almost a year now, so before I start with the nagging, I want you to know how absolutely AWESOME this site is and how much is has helped me to learn German. Thanks a dozen!

But you can already hear a "but..." hanging in the air. Like I said, I've been using DL for almost a year now, having the honor of using the beta-version before DL went on-line for the public. And I must say that almost every update that the site underwent did great things for the regular lessons, but bad things for the translation. To sum up my complaint: it has become more and more restrictive. Most articles are already 100% translated by the time you see them, and now the new update even forces you to translate them in sequence. All this makes it harder to find sentences/articles that suit your level. I really hope that future updates can give back that wonderful sense of freedom when you're browsing the site, looking for interesting articles to translate.

Thanks for listening, and like I said, these are some complaints I have, but I still love DuoLingo and I'm grateful for the opportunity that this site offers me and millions around the world.


April 22, 2013



Hi Frank,

Thanks for the comment. We're definitely going to work on tools that will let you find sentences/documents more easily that match your difficulty level or interest. This is a key priority for us.



Thanks Severin. Finding non-translated sentences would be a key one for me. I can scroll through 40 documents before finding a document that only has 59/60 sentences translated.

Keep up the good work!


Yes, this one too, different users have different needs and we don't do our best job yet to help you guys find what you want.


You are a good guy, glad to be using the site


Many fully translated articles are just spammed, and even if they're not, you can always improve something, which I think it is nice because people can sort of work together. Also, translating a random sentence that has something to do with the lesson didn't quite work, at least for me, now we have more context. I think Duolingo has changed for the best.


The spam is really annoying me.. why do people have the need to cheat on stuff like this, it's not a video game so that the point is only to get the most points... Regardless of them getting points they don't deserve, they are putting the wrong image out, people see that article is fully translated, and probably less people will go and check it out... + we're getting all this for free so we can give something back and help translating, it is bad to exploit and trash somebody's hard work, There should be a way of reporting that kind of false posts, so after a number of reports somebody can get a "timeout"/"suspension" for a while or smth


in fact for most sentences bot translations are offered. i see it as my task to improve them to raise my own translation skills. however i remember a video showing a more guided translation process with only one sentence at a time to test your level and later then give you a text that fit your abilities. I am sure, something like this is on the way.


Many sentences are spammed, but people seek to translate new sentences. Probably due to the credit system.


I totally agree with this, and some of the other comments made below.

It seems that the articles available are of quite low quality, and the translations which you are initially presented with are almost "translation bot" level of bad.

My default action is to select the whole paragraph of text, hit delete, and start from scratch so as not to get distracted by the abominations previously submitted.

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