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"لَيْسَ هُناك دَفْتَر أَبْيَض."

Translation:There is no white notebook.

October 4, 2019



It sounds like she's saying 'ebiob'?

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Probably the speakers. To me it sounds alright. However, there is a possibility that because ض is a new sound to you, your brain is trying to associate this sound to the nearest possible substitute. It happens sometimes when people learn a new language.
The sound of ض is distinctive for Arabic in fact. Maybe the closest I can approximate this sound to, is velar D. Try saying "Da" but curve your tongue downward inside to make more room, and when saying it compress the air a bit against the roof of your mouth. Hope that helps!


That was a great explanation. It did sound like ebiob to me as well, but it changed after I read your post! Great audio illusion.


Sound problem this need to be fixed


Interesting! Persian also has دفتر, which means "notebook". Whilst, in Indonesian, "daftar" means "a list".


That's a lie most notebooks are white!

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