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Quæsumus is like "please"?

October 4, 2019



It's like "please" but stronger, I think. It appears frequently in later (after classic Rome) religious texts. I understand it as meaning "We beg you" or "We beseech you" - the sort of thing that might appear in a prayer.


You find "amabo te" and "te amabo", both literally meaning "I'll like you" but used here more with a sense of "I'll be obligated to you", to mean "please", the former order being very common in Cicero's letters. Sometimes, "amabo" is found by itself with this same meaning.

"Quaeso" is also common, as are other words that essentially mean "I beg", such as "precor" and "peto". "Quaesumus" is simply a plural version: "we ask".

Common too are "sis" (short for "si vis": "if you like") and "sodes" (short for "si audes": "if you dare" or, perhaps more idiomatically, "if you don't mind").


Yes. I've noticed it in the skill Market.

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