"Riña ñuhī velmannī izūgas."

Translation:The girl fears my cousins.

October 5, 2019

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Why is father's older sister's son wrong for velmannī?

  1. It's plural. 2. It could refer to a son or a daughter.


I don't think point 2. makes any difference. It could be translated as

  • cousins
  • aunt's children
  • aunt's sons
  • aunt's daughters
  • father's older sister's children
  • father's older sister's sons
  • father's older sister's daughters


Does "velmannī" only refer to a father's older sister's children? Is there a word for the younger sister's children? Is velmannī a gender-free term? Is there anywhere one can find a resource that has all of the terms?


There is a term for a father's younger sister's children (ñābranni), and also for a mother's older brother's children and a mother's younger brother's children. And yes, the term is gender neutral in that it can refer to both male and female cousins. It has a grammatical gender, of course.

For a resource, try the Dothraki Wiki.

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