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  5. "هِيَّ بِنْتِك يا رانْيا."

"هِيَّ بِنْتِك يا رانْيا."

Translation:She is your daughter, Rania.

October 5, 2019



How could I know when to use "bintik" and when "bintak"?

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  1. The audio is wrong.
  2. Using the word (bint) for (daughter) is a bit dialectical and not proper Arabic.

The correct form should be: hiya ibnatuki yá rányá هي ابنتكِ يا رانيا

The word بنت is more like saying girl in proper Arabic, while ابنة means indeed daughter.
Possessive articles for 2nd person singular in Arabic are: -ka (to a male) and -ki (to a female). In dialects, specially Egyptian and the Levant, the tendency is to shift the vowel before K and not after it, thus becoming: -ak, and -ik.


-ik when talking to a woman, -ak when talking to a man. Rania is a female name so you use bintik.



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