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Watch 77 Israeli films, subtitled [Hebrew] series, online for free

[deactivated user]

    The films selection boasts a variety of genres and (relatively) new releases alongside absolute classics from bygone eras. Two favorites of mine are "משפחת צנעני" and "מתחת לאף", both widely regarded as classics. The former, which has both English and Hebrew subtitles, features Israeil cinema titans Yosef Shiloach and Gabi Amrani in a lighthearted comedy with a wonderful soundtrack. The plot of the latter, which unfortunately lacks subtitles, centers around the exploits of a bunch of small time crooks who decide to pull a big score by robbing a safe located inside a police station - under the police's nose. The profuse use of slang might make it a bit difficult to understand, but, if you feel like giving it a shot, it has some hilarious moments and captures the Zeitgeist magisterially.

    The series are Yes productions. An assortment of dramas, comedies, and reality shows. They include, among others, the eminently popular "שטיסל", the internationally acclaimed "תא גורדין", and "ניויורק". All appear to have Hebrew subtitles.

    The content is hosted by a major Israeli website and streaming is perfectly legal.

    Films: https://vod.walla.co.il/movies/6260

    Series: https://vod.walla.co.il/tvshows/7752

    October 5, 2019



    Amazing links to wonderful films! My weekend plans are now complete

    תודה רבה!

    October 5, 2019


    This is amazing, thank you!

    Do you know how to turn subtitles on? Maybe I'm being thick but I watched a bit of "שלוש אמהות" and couldn't find any way to do it.

    October 7, 2019


    Thanks for the links!!! Time to train the ear to accustom it to the sounds!!

    October 7, 2019


    I'm not sure these works on a non Israeli I.P (internet location).

    October 14, 2019


    תודה רבה

    October 17, 2019


    תודה רבה!

    October 18, 2019
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