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"Tidak ada siswa di kelas ini."

Translation:There are no students in this classroom.

October 5, 2019



Shouldn't "There is not a student in this class" also be accepted?


there is no students in this class....how do you know if you mean classroom or class..


I typed "There is no students in this classroom" and it was wrong. C'mon haha


Except in English that is bad grammar because "there" is not a subject. "There" can never be a subject, even if it's the first word in the sentence or the only word before the verb. Rather, "there" is a demonstrative pronoun or (more likely?) an adverb of location. So, your sentence should instead read "There are no students in this classroom" in order to make agreement in number (singular versus plural) between the subject "students" and the verb "are."

You could change the syntax (i.e. word order) of the sentence entirely to read as "No students are there in this classroom," and it would mean exactly the same thing, but it would then make the subject appear before the verb, according to the pattern that English sentences usually take.


I didn't type anything but used the provided words. Student was not available however "students" plural was and it was marked wrong. WTF


Is there a way to distinguish the sounds of "w" and "ua" in Indonesia? They often sound the same.

When listening to music or people talk I'd like to be able to look up words more easily by knowing whether or not it's w or ua

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