We are all used to the "pay attention to the accents" message in this language course, I bet. I did not have how to add macrons in my phone because of my software simply not having them (very old Android), but as the burden of having to accommodate everyone equally was not on Duolingo, I easily just ignored it.

Nevertheless, I was surprised when they took the ability to put accents on the PC from us. That was extremely important not only for Hawaiian but also other languages such as Czech, Turkish, Danish and Norwegian, which feature rare symbols that your typical Portuguese, Spanish, French or English keyboard (the ones most of us use - as we are, as far as I know, mostly native speakers of those four languages) does not possess, and learning how to type in them is very hard, particularly as you are not sure where those new symbols are.

If Duolingo is going to do this, can we at least exempt the Hawaiian, Czech, Turkish, Danish and Norwegian courses from those constant messages about having written it wrong? I doubt people really do switch their keyboards every time they install a new language. I have a lot of Brazilian friends who type Portuguese from overseas and they just do not use tildes, because adjusting that is mostly pointless. I know this might seem like a pointless post, but it does add a little of unnecessary negativity that is really not going to be fixed so easily.

October 5, 2019

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Huh. Was it fixed in the last hour, or did I just come across a bug? I felt curious about clicking on this brand new "make it harder" button, but was afraid of what that could entail.

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