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Errors in classroom makes for a frustrating experience.

I've set up assignments in my classroom to give my students something to work for each day.

The first problem I come across is that some of them are not getting the notification email, despite being in the class, with their correct emails and everything properly entered. No worries, I figured that even if they don't receive the email notification, they can still get credit for the assignments if they do them on their own.

Problem 2 is the XP goals. I've set up several (from 20xp - 1000xp) for them to complete. For some reason, the larger goal gets the XP first and makes it look like the students aren't making any progress with those goals.

Problem 3 is that none of the assignments or skills show as being started, despite the students already starting them. And it will then update when they have completed it to show completion. No in progress or anything.

Problem 4 is that despite all of the above mentioned problems, some students have managed to complete the assigned tasks without me having to remind them (the eager beavers who like to work ahead). But despite it showing that they have completed it one day, another day it will wipe out all progress. And then they have to do it again and then it will show their original completion date/time.

Now if I only had a handful of students where this was affecting them it wouldn't be an issue. But I have 140 students. It's affecting all of them. Is there something being worked on behind the scenes that cause these problems? Or is it just bad luck that they are using the App and are in China? Any help resolving these problems (and perhaps more that I've neglected to mention) would be welcome. Thanks!

October 5, 2019



Are you sure that the Mobile App is https://schools.duolingo.com compatible and compliant with the classroom feature??

Have they maybe tried to complete the assignments / lesson tasks on a computer/Laptop/Tablet with a browser (full desktop mode)?


.....I've never thought that the app might be the one causing the problem. This upcoming week I'll have them do it in the browser instead of the app. Thanks for the suggestion!


I am sure you are seeing the same problem. All of my students are using a browser, and I cannot see progress in the progress report. I loved it because I could see the level they were on and which skills had been covered in a quick glance. I submitted a bug report a month ago to no avail. Please submit a bug report.


Vyrus, I rely on the weekly update e-mails to let me know who has finished.

I also remind them in class every day to do their Duolingo. I don't even know how many of them receive the notifications, because I had my students use their school e-mail addresses, and of course none of them check their school e-mail.

When in doubt, I tell them to send me a screen shot of their progress. Yes, it means I am looking at 140 e-mails, but that is honestly one less click than bringing up their progress through Duo for Schools.

I hope something I said helps!


I think I'll have them send the screenshot and just avoid giving them xp goals to reach. Because despite me assigning the basic tasks (which should be 3 lessons), some of them require more lessons to mark it "complete". So two students can have a different amount of lessons require because they might be at level 2 or level 5. Thanks for the suggestions though.

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