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Falantes de português aprendendo Latim

Salvete! Comecei a aprender Latim ha pouco tempo aqui no Duolingo. Mais Alguém está tendo dificuldades com as declinações gramaticais do idioma? No momento isso tem sido o único obstaculo para mim, pois a ordem das palavras nas frases não parece ter muita importância na maioria das vezes e também ha algumas palavras bem parecidas com o português.

October 5, 2019



Sorry but my Portuguese is not good enough to reply in your language, but I can answer your question:

The declensions are not really difficult at this level. It's just a matter of memorising them and using the appropriate word endings.

As you say, many words are similar to Portuguese, which should make learning easier.

What makes Latin difficult for many beginners, I think, is learning the "parts of speech" and changing each word appropriately. The actual structure of the parts of any sentence in Latin is exactly the same as very many other languages - but many, most, do not change the word endings for every grammatical "case" so in those you have to recognise the position in the sentence to know, for example, whether a word is the subject or the object - e.g, whether HE is doing something to ME or I am doing something to HIM.

Latin, does not rely so much on order of the words (although often it IS still important). Instead, you HAVE to change the word endings, otherwise you can't understand the sentence.

The grammar, in this respect at least, is NOT unique to Latin. Quite a few languages change endings not just for masculine/feminine singular/plural but also for each and every part of speech a word needs to be to become part of a sentence that makes sense.

The word endings - the declensions and the verb conjugations in Latin are just something you have to learn. And then, with a proper understanding of the parts of speech - which, as I said, applies to most languages but not so visibly for some as in Latin - it all starts to become easier.


Don't worry, I can't speak English very well. Thank you for your answer, I liked of your explanation, I understood that I just need to keep my focus in the declensions because I can remember the verbs conjugation easily, in the Portuguese I do that ever. I know there are a bit of people who speak Latin, I'm studing it for curiosity, it's a cultural language and it can help me to learn the romanic languages, like Spanish, Italian and French, I think I can improve that. But, where are you from and what is your native language?


I'm English, from England.


Well, I can understand that you study Latin as a curiosity, that´s my reason too. But the expectation that it will be helpfull for learning other romance languages, as you speak portuguese seems a total loss of time to me. Put that effort in the languages you want to learn. The knowledge of Latin needed to derive words and sentences in other romance languages is extremely high.


It's True, thank you for your advice! So I just will try to learn the basic of Latin because this language isn't spoken anymore. I will try to improve my french because the pronunciation is different from the others romanic languages.


Declensions tend to be a problem in many languages (Latin, German etc), but it's all a matter of looking them up when you're unsure and using them. In no time you'll know them all without even realising it.

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