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The Latin Course on Duolingo

I am so happy to be learning Latin on Duolingo. I have completed the entire Latin tree level five such in a short period.

While I continue to practice Latin on Duolingo, I look forward to being able to teach myself Latin more using the other books.

Thanks to Duolingo contributors. We have been waiting for Latin to be introduced on Duolingo for three years.

October 5, 2019



I took a semester of latin back in college and wanted to regain it. Words can't express how happy I was when I found the course here

[deactivated user]

    I'm working on the Latin course too. I'm grateful to have found it.


    I have completed the tree and am well on my way to complete level 2 in every skill. I love this course. The contributors have done a great job. I hope they add more soon!


    I have yet to complete it, but was also hoping that more will be added. For me Latin is just something to occupy my mind, and because I am learning Portuguese, but when it gets too hard I stop for a bit and then go from the start again back down, which helps. I really like Latin though, so would like to be able to read it properly. As it relates to Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and possibly even German quite well, it is really useful. I love it and will pursue it further!


    Also French... and don’t forget Romanian, the forgotten Romance language! As you say, Latin really is useful for learning so many other languages whether directly as in the romance languages or indirectly in languages such as English.


    Yes, I am also delighted to be able to learn some Latin! On my first year in school learning it I achieved 90% at the end of year examination. But the next year the teacher was changed and I failed the end of the year examination!! Yes that is true and I gave up the course. The Latin I did learn on my first year though was very beneficial to me.


    You mentioned a change in teacher. Are you linking your success with the way the first year teacher taught? Or could it be due to other factors (second year is harder, or you were busy with other subjects, etc.)?


    A good teacher is essential. (Or a good program.) I'm almost 60. My dad taught Latin in a Catholic school. (Classical) He always talked about how it had to be relevant, how it had to be enjoyable. You just can't drone on and on and pound rules into people. A good teacher makes you love it (or at least not hate spending your time in that class)


    The first year I had an excellent teacher who made Latin fun and easy to learn. The next teacher was soo extremely boring and basically just read from the book! I found out that she was going to continue to be the Latin teacher so I just couldn't stand doing any more boredom and stopped doing the course.


    Sorry to hear that. But yay for confirming that a passionate, knowledgeable and fun teacher can help you in being more motivated. =D


    You must try Hans Orberg "Lingva latina per se illvstrata"


    I had two years of Latin in high school, from '59 to '61, and then started to study it a few years ago after I retired, using Wheelock, which is excellent. I've also been using a course from the Great Courses, which is really helpful as the teacher is excellent. But, for cementing in words and phrases, Duolingo Latin is wonderful. I started asking Duolingo for a Latin course a few years ago and am delighted that they responded. They really need to add macrons, but otherwise I am quite happy with what they have done.


    I too am happy that Duolingo now has the Latin language! I just hope I can finish it so I could read the classics like the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius.


    Agreed! I tried French a while back on Duolingo (studied in high school), but I loved Latin after taking it for a year in college. I was delighted to get an email saying it had been added here. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this wonderful course.


    Thank you to the contributors.


    I am almost finished with the tree and am very glad Latin is on Duolingo. I would reccomend getting lots of experience reading Latin. There are quite a few low-cost Latin novellas from beginner level to more advanced. https://comprehensibleantiquity.com/free-volunteer-reading/


    Thanks for the link! Some other easy material is listed in Easy to read Latin stories.


    I just finished the tree in level 5. I wonder what the highest number after the little flag is. I see 14 with you, but I recently saw 16 by somebody else.


    The numbers are XP levels, determined by how many XP you’ve accumulated in the course. People can accumulate different numbers of XP by different amounts of bonus earned, or by doing practices, etc. (For example I have also finished the course to level 5, and my XP level is only 13!)

    This gives the correspondence between XP and XP level:


    Thank you. I couldn't figure out how those numbers were calculated. I thought they were related with the levels you accomplished.


    If you go to the duome language page https://duome.eu/en/la/ you find someone with level 22.




    Looking forward to using Latin in my science studies!


    Yes, Latin is quite fun - I had it in school ages ago, and it was amazing, too - "Galina clamat" - I really miss the sentence here;) or "Omnia gallia divisa est in partes tres"...


    Just completed the skill tree. Thanks for the course!

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