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Why spending my time with Duolingo on daily basis was a big deal for me

For more than one year (today is the 482nd and also last day of my streak) I was learning Turkish on Duolingo.

I have developed a system which suited me best: I worked on five lines of topics at the same time; each of the line had different difficulty. The most advanced topic would take me the most time to practice. And every fifteen days, I completed one level in each of those rows of topics and move to the next level. (Also instead of typing the answers I was using dictation :) Also - it is not possible anymore because of buggy iOS13.)

Usually the topics on the fourth level (toughest ones) contained about 30 or 15 exercise, which was ideal to practice for 15 days. The rest of the topics, I was completing in a way that they would not be completed sooner than the most advanced one. And once in 15 days I had a “big day” when I finished all my worked-out topics and progressed to a new row of topics below.

But then suddenly, there was a change in my account and the most advanced level that used to have 15 / 30 exercises suddenly had 2 / 4 exercises possible. I thought it was a bug, but in fact, it was intentional. This change decreased the time in which I was able to finish the whole course, but I would finish it without learning anything. (Without proper exercise.)

I was thinking what to do. At the beginning, I was just making the common practice to maintain the streak. (The ones you do when you need a spare heart and I was looking into other language apps). I’ve tried about six or seven alternative apps by now, but none of them were good. In the end, I decided to start a new account with Duolingo, which fortunately still has the old structure and provide me with the possibility to learn something effectively.

I only hope that it will stay like this long enough. (Previously I had planned to finish the whole turkish course in November. With this delay I would be glad to finish it on Christmas.)

October 5, 2019



This explains what is going on. If it is not on the new profile it will be soon:


You can still practice any module without waiting for the Spaced Repetition to break the skill but some people say the practices are not as advanced; but maybe if you do them several times – as you would if you were doing the upper levels before – then they will advance with fresh sentences/exercises.

Another way, without abandoning your current profile to keep track of your spaced repetition is DuoMe.eu:


Or, you could just reset your current profile to start all over (I would think seriously though about this one).

But, Duo cannot take you all the way with any language and eventually we have to add in other resources. I found it was best to add those in sooner rather than later. Memrise is one that works well in conjunction with Duo.

October 5, 2019


Actually... Duolingo is my core application. By time I started using Drops for vocabulary (DL is more grammar) and Flashcard app for repeating itself. I started watching turkish series with turkish subtitles and I started to use turkish subtitles for english series :) The real bummer here is that I was relying on something… and it changed completely w/o any warning. And suddenly became useless.

October 5, 2019


I hear what you are saying. I stopped exercises on Duo (now only answer language questions which keeps me fresh) because first they changed to Crowns which I hated and lost a lot of progress along with the addition of overly repetitious exercises (I just practiced or repeated individual skills within a module if I felt I needed more beyond spaced repetition where the skills lost their gold), and then when I adjusted to the Crowns system they introduced the new PT tree which reset a lot of my progress. I slogged along for a while but my heart was not in it anymore. Well, I actually welcome this new spaced repetition change but the other changes (like leagues) keep me from getting back in.

What I found though is my language abilities actually improved by taking a break. It was as though I let my memory catch up by not stuffing more into it.

All I can say is Duo changes, ALL THE TIME, and yet it is still one of the best for giving us a grasp on grammar (what to do with all that vocabulary), so... just as you found a way to make it work for you before, maybe you can find a new way now.

Well, whatever you decide, I wish you good studies.

October 5, 2019


If you keep notes and study them nothing else matters.

I spend at least 90% of my DuoLingo training time studying notes and a fraction self testing with the games

October 5, 2019


I also divided (a lot) my aim to learn turkish. (Now I have at least five different ways to learn. But DuoLingo was fundamental. I spent a looot of time finding out what's useful and what's not. Now it seems to me much more like a silly game than actually learning anything.

October 5, 2019


I've already cancelled my PLUS account and I'm looking into other resources. If i can just click through the entire tree in a couple hours it's basically made the entire service lose it's mystique for me. Luckily I'm at the point in my target language where I'm not too afraid to 'lose' anything that I learned here however it's a shame that I need to move on so soon.

October 5, 2019


thats exactly my point

October 5, 2019


I also just cancelled my subscription. I'm finishing a level easily but I'm not taking it in very well without the repetition.

October 5, 2019


Let me raise a glass in honor of your achievement: Şerefe!

A lot of us share your frustration from reducing the number of lessons per level.
Duo is working on a fix for the level 5 difficulty,
so hopefully we'll be able to get the amount of practice we used to.

Thanks for sharing your learning experience with us.

October 5, 2019


Providing instant feedback of one's learning progress is a challenging problem as you have noted. Finishing a course doesn't necessarily mean anything. We definitely need better numbers that can reliably show how far we are.

I recommend you to keep up your streak even though learning anything is your concern. Your streak will be your defence against quitting learning completely. If you don't have any alternative daily practice, quitting can be very possible. Do something more useful after earning your daily xp. Some days you combine more effective practice and other days you put effort to reach only your minimum target. Your minimum target can feel very artificial but you can view it as a warm up or a starting ritual.

October 5, 2019
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