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Celebrating my 6th year with Duolingo!

Good morning, everyone.

I am a little late to this (few days), but I just wanted to say some words about Duolingo throughout my years here. Also, maybe inspire some of the new comers here.

I remember my first year on the website. We still had wikipedia editing pages, you could comment and discuss on profiles and so forth, etc. We also had very few languages you could learn; the general main languages of the world. I believe Italian or Portuguese was due to release soon too, honestly its been a little too long to remember.

Since I have an understanding for some other languages, over the years I posted numerous discussions for vocabulary and grammar structure in languages like Sicilian and Chechen. I have recently been inactive due to my military career, but I plan on attempting to bring back more lessons.

For Duolingo new comers, I want you to learn one languages solely for a while. You'll see language hunters (For a better term, people who just want all gold trees), and I will tell you this. They might or might not learn languages fast, but its important to embrace one language for a while, and to grasp the language so that you'll know what that language is about. You'll find yourself starting a course in a language, and may not find it interesting. That's fine, we all have to learn what languages are best for us to enjoy to learn. Just make sure you aren't making it a pattern of lv 1 on every course, otherwise you won't be grasping anything.

Thank you, Duolingo. Thank you for 6 years of learning!

October 5, 2019


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Buon Compleanno███████████⠀ Tanti Auguri!

October 5, 2019


Interesting post for new and long-termers. Happy learning in your 7th year!

October 5, 2019


Thank you, Linda! I appreciate your positive commentary, and happy learning to you as well. :D

October 5, 2019


Well said, have your 580th lingot! :P

GL with your Latin & the rest of your languages! :D

October 5, 2019


Good job on your 6th year with Duolingo! Continue learning your 7th year of languages!

October 5, 2019


I really appreciated reading your post, Thank you! May the years to come be successful!

October 5, 2019


Long live and prosper my language brother may the owl be with you.

October 8, 2019
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